Last First Day

August 30th, 2021

My last first day of undergraduate.

This is how my day went:

12hrs till first day of class: I met my best-friend Marina (’22) and helped her unpack. I have been living off campus the whole summer working as a finance intern, so I was happy not having to move in my own boxes. Marina is living on campus, having connections on and off campus is an awesome way to take full advantage of Bryn Mawr’s student life.

Sunday: Dinner at El Limón, the iconic Mexican restaurant in town.

Monday morning: I woke up early, packed my lunch and drove to campus. Had a job task early in the morning filming some video content for the BMC Instagram.

Blue bus to Haverford!

10 AM: History Class at Haverford – Indigenous Women: Gender, Ethnicity and Feminism in Latin America.

Blue bus back to Bryn Mawr!

Lunch time: unpacked my lunch and had a cute solo picnic in front of Taylor Hall to catch some sunlight 🙂

1 PM: International Studies Senior Seminar – where we are wrapping up what it means to be an International Studies major and starting to think about out Senior Thesis!

3 PM: Picked up robe for Convocation with friends, strolled down Senior row and listened to some great Convocation speeches. Picture with Marina at the Senior steps!

Marina ’22 and me at the Senior Steps during the first day of classes.

5:30 PM: PICNIC! The first day of classes we usually have a picnic in Wyndham Green. The hotdogs and pasta salad were amazing, and it was great to reconnect with friends and hang out outside.

7 PM: Drove back home. I did a quick workout and some readings. Went to bed early for a Tuesday morning run with friends!

Hope you enjoyed what a day in my life looks like! More of these to come!