Day in the Life

Alina Peon
Boca Raton, FL
International Studies – Economic Development Concentration

A Regular Wednesday

9:30 am – Work meeting, I work for the Pensby Center at Bryn Mawr as a Student Social Media Coordinator. I have weekly check ins with Kathryn, my supervisor, where we plan future podcast guests, Instagram content for the upcoming weeks and marketing strategy. 

10:30 am – Breakfast and yoga time, this is a new habit I picked out during quarantine and for the first time ever I can now touch my toes 🙂

12 pm – Team lift, I play Field Hockey and we lift twice a week. Today it was outside, at the turf field and we did a Tabata workout! 

3pm – Work meeting, for Bryn Mawr Communications job! We check in weekly and brainstorm content for the Instagram and website

4pm to 5:30 pm – Homework and a quick power nap!

6pm to 7:30 pm – Field Hockey Practice – being a student athlete means that I have to plan my day around practice times, but getting to see my teammates daily and play a sport I love is so much fun. During the off season, we practice 4/5 times a week, and during season we practice everyday and play one or two games a week! 

8 pm – SAAC Meeting, I am the SAAC Diversity and Inclusion Co-Head for this year and it has been a lot of work but super rewarding!

9pm – Finishing up some readings and homework, and reading the last few pages of a new book

10:30 pm – BEDTIME!