Thinking about a Day in Philadelphia? Here’s how to get there

When I was choosing where to go to college, proximity to a city was one of my biggest needs. I love being close to a city because it reminds me of my time spent living in Buenos Aires and my time abroad in London during high school. Being able to have the perfect combination between the cozy feel of the suburbs and the hectic fun of city life is tough to find. Lucky for you, Bryn Mawr has both.

Only 11 miles from Bryn Mawr’s campus, Philadelphia has become my home away from home. Philly is the first capital of our nation and hosts hundreds of cultural events each year. The city is full of museums, restaurants, nightlife, running and walking trails, and most importantly (maybe only for me?) sporting events. Philly is home to the Eagles, Phillies and Flyers sports teams.

Did I sell you on it? Were you already planning a day trip or a weekend in the city? Or maybe you are thinking about grabbing dinner? If you are, here’s how to get there:

By train….

  • Bryn Mawr station is a short (very short) walk away from Pembroke Arch. Tickets can be bought on train or on the station. Important to note:
    • Tickets are cash only, or most of the time – unless you have a Septa KEY. 
    • If you are traveling to Philly for class, most classes can give students a train pass which you can either pick up from your Professor or the Career and College Center.
    • The train schedule changes for holidays, and in true “Bryn Mawr time” fashion, during the weekend, the train is often late. Note: BMC is on the Paoli-Thorndale line.
    • There are two major stations: 30th Street and Suburban Square. 30th Street is home to the Amtrak and other connecting trains and buses for longer-distance travel, and it’s the station closest to the river trail and Penn. Suburban is your go-to if you want to visit the Reading Terminal Market or walk, shop or dine around Rittenhouse Square!

Picture courtesy of Bryn Mawr Website

By bus…

  • Septa buses run from Bryn Mawr town into the city of Philadelphia.
  • Check out this SEPTA How to Ride guide for all your bus questions
  • Use the PHLASH Bus!
    • Starting at $2 dollar tickets with day passes for $5 and trains coming every 15 minutes from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Picture courtesy of

By Uber…

  • This one is self-explanatory, but beware: expensive!