Fall Break Runs: Getting ready for Philly Half

I am writing to you from the train going to Grand Central. Sitting next to me, is my friend Sophie Khanna (‘23). We are on the way to NYC to run some errands. My heart still skips a beat when I realize that I will, very soon, call New York City home.

Awkward picture of me taken in Lexington Ave., NYC on the way to our favorite coffee shop – Ralph’s 🙂

This is the first time I spent Fall Break to its full potential. Last year, we did not have one and the year before, I only had a couple days rest between field hockey practices. I feel blessed to have the time to hangout with friends and disconnect.

My fall break started in Ardmore Station, PA where Marina (‘22) and I took the train into Penn Station. I spent a couple days in the city and on Monday, took the train to Greenwich to hangout with Sophie. The weather has been fall-y and coldish, but thats a blessing in disguise because this Sunday we are running the Ridgefield 7-miler so we need this cold weather.

Our days have been spent running, doing some homework and going into the city to run errands and walk around. We checked out Storm King Art Center, an outdoor sculpture garden and spent our days in town getting some work done!

Sculpture at Storm King Art Center – we walked around (almost 5 miles) in the most beautiful weather!

Sophie and me in Storm King during the afternoon. We went on a drive to see some art and beautiful Fall leaves.

This Sunday’s race is short, but a big deal – our first race back since COVID times and the first event before the Philly Half. We keep telling each other it’s going to be a great opportunity to ‘test the water’ before hitting the Broad Street in November.

I am both scared but ready. The running club has been doing so good and so many people have been joining our weekly runs! We organized a fundraiser run for October 22nd with funds directed to Bico Mutual Aid. Everything is on the way to make the road to Philly a great journey. I am just a little scared of the pain, but every time I get out on a run or run with my friends I get excited – so I know I will be alright.

These are all the updates I have so far. I’ll check back with you later – see you after Ridgefield!